Actors on stage

«After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. Later that night, he was there alone». (Matthew 14:23)

For a second, nothing seems to make sense.

What am I doing here? The question is not about the physical space where we find ourselves, but goes a bit deeper. What is all this for?

Why do we even receive this gift of life? And why is it that sometimes, even while being aware of life as a gift, do we feel tired, lost, or just refuse to accept what is?

Why do we find a hint of attachment within detachment? How can we be ourselves and not get lost in a sea of lost souls?

Something unexpected happens and chaos seems to emerge. It’s the chaos that precedes all movement. It is the shaking of the earth prior to the opening of a deep crack. Something is about to make its way through the weeds and all you are asking for is some sanity, just enough attention so as not to miss the flight of the Phoenix.

The best part about this chaos is that it emanates perfection in all its expressions. This apparent chaos is ideal and very much needed. This movement in the depths of a seemingly calm sea is indispensable. Everything shall pass; but before this moment can pass, too, one needs to see the divine in it. In order to see the divine, one needs to see with the ears and touch with the eyes. That is the only divine truth.

The funniest part about this moment is that it does not really matter. The moment in itself, without you, does not really matter. A stage in a theatre without actors and without an audience is worth nothing; it can tell no story. The stage is only worth something when the actors are there, present, focused on each scene because that is what is supposed to be happening in that specific moment. However, those actors are very much aware of the fact that when the show is over, they will just change into comfortable clothes and go back home, completely detached from the whole scene they have just performed. Simply picture how absurd it would be for an actor to spend their whole play wondering: Why is it that I have to play this scene? I do not like it. What is its purpose? Why me? What if I changed this or that? What will happen in a while? Come back, return! Relax and focus in this specific moment, let yourself go, allow yourself to be guided like a puppet whose invisible strings are being pulled by a kind and gentle love.

There is so much beauty in Living; and Living is, simply put, playing each scene fully and allowing oneself to be molded by divine hands.

Be pliant like fresh clay.

Everything is and has always been fine.

Go back to rest. There is a limitless love that dwells in you.

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