A handful of trust


Living becomes art. Beauty dwells in our essence, in everybody’s. Becoming aware of that beauty that resides in everything and everyone creates little miracles wherever we go. Exchanging a simple smile with a stranger can open the doors to the eternal bonds which unite all of us.

A few weeks ago, I went to the supermarket for some groceries on a very normal day (who said miracles cannot happen in ordinary life?). I was on the second floor and ready to go down the escalator. Standing beside me, there was a woman in colourful clothes that one would associate with India and neighbouring countries. Her face, her smile and her beautiful skin could have been from the region, too. A younger woman that might have been her daughter was going down the escalator, getting further and further away. She was gesturing to the older lady, encouraging her to take a step on to the escalator. However, the older lady looked scared.

Still standing next to her, I offered her my hand and said: shall we go down together? She smiled. Her daughter encouraged her to go down with me. She held my hand tightly and we took a step together. Our hands remained linked until we reached the bottom. I can still remember her smile and her gentle expression. The pureness in her eyes reflected her fear towards the unknown.

Who would have thought that just one minute could carry so much meaning? It might have only been a matter of seconds, but those few seconds triggered an enormous amount of love, and an equally big amount of respect towards what it meant for her to take that first step. Those few seconds were loaded with trust, a trust that she placed on a complete stranger. That moment spoke of all the love one can feel towards apparent strangers. And in that moment, I learned that one can deeply and fully love a smile that comes and goes with the lightness of a feather, and that it is ok to let go of that perfect moment. Signs of eternity can often rise and die in the blink of an eye.

All this makes me wonder, when is it that we gain more? When we give, or when we receive? What if giving and receiving were two sides of the same coin? Isn’t it when we give true love that we become aware of what love is all about? A love that expects nothing, looks for nothing in return, and does not need nor demand. A love that is not dependent and does not hurt. Just love.

We usually associate giving with losing or getting rid of something. Maybe things are just not what they seem.

The art of giving everything that is beautiful might be the only way of realising that beauty is all there is inside of us. It is only when we genuinely devote ourselves, when we give others our best, that we learn that there is a love inside of us that goes way beyond the limits our minds can grasp.

Love is a mystery. It is everything there is and ever was. And isn’t that beauty, that perfection in the simplest and genuine giving and receiving that defines the art of living?

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    1. ¡Hola, Jacqueline! Me alegra leerte y conocerte 🙂
      Disculpa, ayer estuve publicando la traducción a inglés de algunos textos antiguos del blog.
      De momento no sé cómo hacer para que te lleguen solo los que están en español 🙁 Pero no te preocupes, que los de inglés son solo traducciones y la mayoría que publico son en tu idioma.
      Un abrazote y nos seguimos leyendo,

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